Letters to the Editor, Friday, Jan. 4 2019


I actually loved the Best of 2018 (Dec. 30). Cartoonist Andy Donato exhibits us the way it’s finished. Every cartoon Donato does is gold so it should have been exhausting narrowing it down to 5. My favourites of this better of are Donald Trump (love how he attracts the hair and purple tie) and Kathleen Wynne. I look ahead to extra from Donato in 2019. Keep up the wonderful work! Also loved Dolighan’s cartoon earlier that week in the Best of 2018 with the Saudi crown prince. Priceless!

Susan Smith

(Our cartoonists actually understand how to seize a second)


People have forgot that not so way back whenever you turned 65 you had to retire, so individuals deliberate for his or her retirement. Now, because you don’t have to retire at age 65, no one plans for retirement anymore — they assume they will simply work ceaselessly, thus we have now an issue. Why anyone that has labored at a demanding job for 45 years would need to tackle a extra disturbing job at age 72 once they have already got a pleasant huge pension and advantages has lots of people baffled. They must be considering of fishing, golf, travelling while you’re nonetheless healthy sufficient to take pleasure in it. Just questioning.

Bill Dowdle


(Sometimes it’s simply in your blood)


Re “Distracted driving fines up” (Antonella Artuso, Dec. 29): I’m in complete settlement with this new regulation. In my enterprise, I see ladies placing on their make-up, individuals taking a look at their telephones, texting and speaking on their telephones whereas driving with no palms free. I’m a limo driver and I can guarantee you that we, taxi drivers and Uber drivers will probably be the first focused. Why, as a result of we’re a simple mark for the police. Our relationship with the police leaves lots to be desired. Ask any taxi driver who’s acquired a number of tickets for petty issues. We depend on our telephones, in-car computer systems, dispatch providers to direct us to the subsequent shopper. There wants to be some type of discretion in the direction of our group. Did no one take into consideration this?

Marty Greenberg


(It sounds such as you want to have a dialog together with your employer and the firm they’ve employed to foyer in your behalf)


Re “Latest Eglinton LRT boondoggle has intersection shut for 8 months” (Sue-Ann Levy, Dec. 29): Neighbourhood locals will snicker at us all the approach to the banks when property values double. We paid to have the LRT constructed.

John Jefferson


(We all paid to have the LRT constructed)


Re “Latest Eglinton LRT boondoggle has intersection shut for 8 months” (Sue-Ann Levy, Dec. 29): This is the final silly. Can’t Metrolinx get that one poor man digging the tunnel together with his pickaxe to work quicker? Maybe he can’t get to work on time as a result of he will get caught in the Presto fare gates. Maybe Doug Ford ought to shake issues up.

Kope Inokai

(Ford’s authorities will shake issues up at Metrolinx, and will probably be good for regional transportation planning)

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