Letters to the Editor, Jan. 8

I don’t assume the query of whether or not or not an expatriate Canadian ought to find a way to vote in Canadian federal elections ought to be decided by the quantity time they’ve spent overseas however by the place they pay their taxes. If Donald Sutherland and Neil Young need to reside in California for the remainder of their lives, I’ve no drawback with that, but when they want to vote in Canada, then they need to pay their taxes on this nation.
David Montgomery
(But as residents, they nonetheless have the proper)
It is not any shock that crimes involving weapons and different weapons are growing. Preventing ‘carding,’ police questioning suspicious individuals, is like telling the police to go to work however solely reply requires service the place somebody is asking for assist. Carding was a useful gizmo in stopping crime. There is not any worry of getting caught when you already know the police can solely query you in case you are caught in the act or if they’ve a search or arrest warrant. No matter what number of cops society hires, their impression on all crime shall be negligible. I agree that extra officers might assist to remedy extra of the crimes dedicated, however is that what taxpayers actually need. It is not any solace for these victims of crime. Yes, we permit the police to query individuals in the event that they ask permission to query them. How naive and ridiculous is that. There is little question carding recognized minority teams questioned by police. However, would they be carded if that they had not put themselves in suspicious circumstances inflicting the police to query them? How would our judicial system perform if legal guidelines have been handed to forestall prosecutors and defence legal professionals from cross-examining witnesses or accused? That can be no totally different than stopping the police from questioning suspicious individuals in suspicious circumstances. As a taxpayer and retired police officer, I implore politicians to permit police to do their jobs. Put the security of the public earlier than your political ambitions. Do the proper factor.
John Lynch
(We want political management to get this achieved and we’re assured Mayor John Tory is up to it)
What a completely disgusting column by your Michael Traikos on our younger Canadian juniors (“What went wrong for Team Canada,” Jan. four). Here they have been 4 seconds from an amazing win, they lose in additional time to an ideal Finnish group of kids, and your Traikos seems to be for all types of causes as an alternative of congratulating the youngsters on an awesome recreation. Calls them down — even criticizing Tim Hunter for letting their captain take the penalty shot. If he scores, Tim is a genius. He missed. Your man activates Tim and our younger captain, each feeling horrible as it’s. Please, please let Lance Hornby, the greatest hockey columnist in the world, do any future video games. The youngsters performed a fantastic recreation, and the veterans and members of our Royal Canadian Legion watching the recreation are pleased with each one in every of them.
Tommy McLeod
(Traikos calls them as he sees them, however thanks for studying!)

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