Letters to the Editor, Jan. 28

Guest columnist Mitzie Hunter writes that permitting college students to opt-out of packages may have a ripple impact and provides the instance of transit passes: “Once the transit pass agreements are broken, they will be paying more for transit” (“C plan earns an F,” Jan. 27). That will not be the case. I’m unsure about the remainder of Ontario, however these college/school college students utilizing the TTC in Toronto ought to comply with the instance of Toronto-area highschool college students, and may very well discover it so much cheaper — in truth: Free. As a frequent TTC rider, for some actually unusual cause, I’ve observed that nearly each highschool scholar getting on a bus or streetcar by way of the centre/rear door appears to be beneath the age of 12. It’s like one thing proper out of The Twilight Zone.
David Honigsberg
(Fare evasion does value us all so that isn’t an excellent answer. But there are college students who’re paying for TTC passes with their scholar dues that don’t use them – how’s that truthful?)
Re “Big miss on ‘misspoke’” (Mark Bonokoski, Jan. 27): You know, it’s unhappy that it’s come to the level that everytime you both learn a newspaper article or watch or pay attention to a speech by fairly nicely any politician, the common individual wants an interpreter to perceive what he/she stated! This is true of any provincial or federal politician and to a barely lesser diploma, on the municipal degree additionally — it looks like on the native degree, the politicians haven’t efficiently completed the seemingly required course in the artwork of “bafflegab.” I consider this assertion on politicians is true in all of North America, Europe and another really democratic nation. In nations similar to China — whose system of presidency our PM so drastically admires (in accordance to his personal phrases) — the dictator merely tells his/her individuals what he/she calls for of them. Any speech given in public is just for world consumption. What is actually unhappy about the degree of bafflegab that, in our case, Canadian politicians converse is that the bizarre citizen has to depend on the interpretation that the media he/she is utilizing offers. This permits any politician’s speech to be tainted by the interpreter’s personal (or the firm he/she works for) political slant. Secondly, the time period “misspoke” is a politicians time period for being caught in a lie!”
John Metro
(The query nonetheless stays is that if he did certainly misspeak. That continues to be unclear)
Lorrie Goldstein refers to the Ipsos/Global ballot which signifies that Canadian’s view about immigration and refuges is xenophobic (“Straw man setup,” Jan. 27). It’s turn into tedious listening to the Liberals’ conceited pseduo-intellectual use of semantics to disgrace and intimidate Canadians. The commonest is their use of “phobic” (an excessive or irrational worry) as a suffix to create phrases resembling “xenophobic” and “Islamophobic.” One might as simply counter through the use of “philia” (an irregular or unaccountable attraction to sure values) as a suffix to create phrases similar to “Islamophilia” or “ Xenophilia” to describe Liberals’ shallow, unsound judgment in such critical issues.
Tim Conway
(Trudeau is unserious on most issues and is hurting our nation each domestically and internationally)

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