Letters to the Editor, Feb. 12

Once once more, our Liberal authorities has embroiled itself in scandal. With all of the denials, and non-denials, we’re left to assume that the allegations are true. Without correct clarification of the information surrounding this incident, an inquiry must be established. Failing that, the RCMP ought to be referred to as upon to examine. With regards to solicitor-client privilege, I’m not so positive that it’s relevant on this case. No lawyer could be permitted to take part in any scheme with a shopper in the furtherance of a criminal offense. Any safety of privilege can be surrendered at that time. I urge the ex-attorney common, Jody Wilson-Raybould, to make clear issues earlier than she turns into the sacrificial lamb on this conspiracy!
David Butt
(We all need to hear from Wilson-Raybould, however it’s up to Trudeau to relinquish her of the gag order)
Justin Trudeau is as soon as once more accused of being embroiled in questionable, if not unlawful, moral conduct. His rigorously crafted denials and refusals to reply opposition members is chilly consolation to Canadians. There are much more questions than Trudeau can reply and opposition leaders odor blood in the water. Fortunately for Trudeau that is Canada. While an American president would have confronted impeachment for ethics violations, Trudeau has already been discovered responsible of, and admitted, there are not any actual penalties for such behaviour right here. Even if convicted, the justice system in Canada is so filled with Liberal Party appointees that no conviction would survive the attraction course of. The CBC and most media in Canada are firmly in Trudeau’s pocket. Trudeau is just in a position to keep away from questions till the entire Lavalin affair blows over. Besides, Trudeau’s supporters don’t care anyway.
Scott Campbell
(There are quite a lot of scandals Trudeau and his workplace have been embroiled in, this one appears to be sticking round)
Re “Canadians deserve answers on PMO legal interference” (Editorial, Feb. 9): Former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould is a hero in my books. Her braveness in refusing to bow to political strain from the PMO in the felony prosecution of Quebec-based SNC-Lavalin is laudable. Regrettably, her audacity in talking fact to energy value her her job and the nation a justice minister of the highest integrity. The prime minister’s less-than-believable response to this rising scandal, described in the Sun editorial as “a strange non-denial denial,” is straight out of the PR playbook for executives who’re caught red-handed.
Barry Francis
(It was too lawyered, and too exact)
As we heard from the prime minister at the time of the “Kokanee Grope” affair, women and men can understand issues by way of totally different lenses, and since he remembers the day of the alleged “grope” properly, and is certain he did nothing incorrect, the nation had greatest settle for it. Maybe this defence could possibly be utilized in the SNC-Lavalin affair. Perhaps Jody Wilson-Raybould simply views the upholding of the “rule of law” via a special lens than the PM, and certainly his view is right.
Peter Birks
(Maybe they skilled it in a different way?)

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