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Weight Loss many of us life gets better—easier even—as we get older weight loss. We get more comfortable and confident in our own skin. We weed out what doesn’t work for. Us and invite more of what does work into our lives. There’s a certain clarity that inspires us.

Not to sweat the small stuff so much and to keep the big picture in mind. If only exercise, healthy eating, and weight loss fell into that “it gets easier with age” category. Instead, dropping pounds can often feel harder than ever.
After all, that stiff back that keeps you from bounding out of bed in the morning can. Make it less inspiring to go to the gym, a busy schedule can prompt you to eat on the run, and those 10 pounds.
You gained in your 40s can become an extra 20 pounds in your 50s and.
Well you get the Weight loss. (Want to lose weight but are short on time? Fin us….
Yet experts agree it’s important to focus on achieving your healthy weight no matter the number of candles on your birthday cake this year. “Excess fat is something we shouldn’t ignore no matter how old we are,” says Robert Huizenga MD.
The physician featured on The Biggest Loser. While it can be tempting to throw in the towel. thinking you’re fighting an uphill battle at 60-something. compared with your 20- and 30-something counterparts. he has some interesting news: “There has actually been no difference in the amount or rate of weight loss in individuals of either. Sex who are over 60 years old versus those who are younger on the 17 seasons of the Biggest Loser show. So Weight loss it might feel a little tougher (damn you, sore back, it is possible.

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